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Coursework 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Coursework 2 - Essay Example Africans in the Congo were given only a margin education, ordered by missionaries, and served as clerks. Africa was ruled either directly or indirectly by the colonial powers. Officials were appointed from the ruling European country, which also passed laws for its African territory. Africans were taxed by the colonial powers and could not pass any measures without approval from the ruling European power. Although colonization of Africa as a whole was devastating for Africa, there were some positive effects. The spread of Christianity could be considered a good outcome, depending on ones religious outlook. During colonial times, African people came into direct contact with European culture, and may have been able to benefit from some of the new ideas. To some extent, some infrastructure such as railroads were built. In addition, it has been stated that â€Å"time spent under [British] colonial rule is positively associated with democratic survival† (Bernard et. al. 225). But the common consensus is that Africa is still recovering from the period of colonization. The website "Time Travel to the Korean War" does a good job of briefly describing the different periods of the Korean War, organized in separate sections. For instance, the first section presents the final events of World War II that led to the division of Korea along the 38th parallel by the United States and advancing Soviet Union troops from the North. Other sections of this website describe events in Korea between WWII and the Korean War; the events following the Norths attack on the South; counterattack by U.N. troops; the involvement of Chinese and other foreign troops; the aftermath of the war; and recent events in Korea. This website is a good short introduction to the Korean War. The BBC website, "In Depth: The Korean War," offers a brief summary of the war. The site also contains

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Chateau St. Michelle Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Chateau St. Michelle - Essay Example The above information is probably the only information known to wide audience about Chateau Ste. Michelle, however, under the closer examination some of the competitive strategies become obvious. Chateau Ste. Michelle has a specific effort to please customers, makes offensive and defensive moves to counter rival's actions and responses to market conditions, thus strengthening its market position. The goal of the competitive strategy is to do the better job in providing what buyers are looking for. It is possible to say that Chateau Ste. Michelle has the edge over rivals in attracting buyers and coping with competitive forces - being among the top preferred brands is an evidence of this. One of the distinct features of the Chateau Ste. Michelle is that the top management pays close attention to performing value chain activities differently than rivals - for example, growing the grape on its own rather than buying it from suppliers. It creates additional value in the eyes of the consumers. Out of the five competitive strategy approaches the broad differentiation strategy is the most applied in this specific company. For example, Chateau Ste. Michelle does not apply low cost provider or focused market niche strategy because its products are of higher price compared to the competitors. In return, the customers get more differentiated products at the cost that corresponds to the high quality.

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Jesus, Gender and The Holy Bible :: Holy Bible Essays

Jesus, Gender and The Bible Sunday evening I attended my weekly Ecumenical Christians of Oberlin meeting. This is a group of generally open-minded individuals that get together on Sundays to have dinner and discuss topics related to Christianity. Topics range from "What is the Kingdom of God?" to "Pacifism: Turning the Other Cheek." Our topic this Sunday was "Women and the Bible." At first I thought that we might be studying Esther or one of the many Marys - prominent women in the Bible that are always mentioned whenever the subject is brought up. I was partly correct: we did mention most if not all of the Marys, although we did not mention Esther. Being primarily a non-fundamentalist Christian group, we tend focus on the New Testament. I also thought that this might end up being a discussion on the women who were important to Jesus and why they were important. Once again, I was partly correct: we did discuss them, but we ended up discussing much more. The first of two questions we considered was "How does my being male or female affect my spirituality?" I thought for a while and could not think of a single way in which it did. I often ponder how my being male affects my relationships with my biological father, the opposite sex, and society. But, before this meeting, I had never pondered how being male affected my spirituality. Most of the men in the room seemed to be in a similar state of confusion at the question. The women, however, had a more varied response. Some felt the same way I did - they had never really thought about it. A couple mentioned how being able to give birth to another human brought them closer to God, the creator of life. Several more mentioned sexism in the church and how it interfered with their spirituality. This got the discussion rolling, although in a slightly different direction from what the discussion leader had planned. We talked about how sexism in the church had affected our lives. The church ofte n seems to push men and women into specific roles. Women are not always taken seriously, and their spiritual gifts and needs are sometimes ignored. These shortcomings, caused by members of the church as well as tradition, are harmful to members of both genders because they can distort people's views of the world, the Bible, and God.

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Travel Agency Industry

THE CHANGING WAYS OF THE NEW ZEALAND TRAVEL AGENCY Executive summary This report is designed to evaluate the most important aspects of the modern travel industry in New Zealand. The development of the internet over recent times has revolutionised the travel industry, and is threatening to cause its demise. Travel agencies have been forced to adapt to these advances, as the likes of airlines and hotels look to eliminate the intermediary role which travel agencies build themselves around.Studies suggest that there is still demand present in the industry for the services of travel agents, as society, particularly older generations, feel more secure in booking large proportions of their trips in a face-to-face environment. The existing competition in the market of travel agencies is very high, with further competition coming directly from suppliers themselves. In particular, there are airlines who have also branched off to include add-ons in their options. Customer loyalty is a large fac tor in the success of a modern travel agency, as building relationships is prioritized to retain and build on customer bases. The changing ways of the new zealand travel agency Travel agencies have been publicised in the media as being a dying profession, as consumers develop a â€Å"do it yourself approach† to organising trips. This report is designed to give a general overview of the industry for the modern travel agency. The most important positive and negative aspects will be looked at so that it can be determined whether or not that this is an attractive market in which to establish a business in New Zealand. The impact of echnological advances, particularly with the internet, will be discussed in depth. Also touched upon is the behaviours of customers during the recent technological revolution and whether or not travel agencies should be concerned about trends and publicised issues. The importance of building customer relationships to establish loyalty from customers wi ll be the final central topic of the report. The increasing significance of the internet in today’s society has had a profound effect on the behaviour of tourism consumers (Chakravarthi & Gopel, 2012).These progressions appear to be reducing the need for the intermediary role upon which the travel agency business model is built (Castillo- Manzano & Lopez- Valpuesta, 2010), and has come to be known as â€Å"disintermediation† (Chakravarthi & Gopel, 2012). The competition between agencies has always been based around clients being reached directly and quickly, but the internet is now beginning to satisfy this need of consumers (Chakravarthi & Gopel, 2012). For example, both hotels and, more significantly, airlines, have built their own websites which enable them to connect with consumers directly, as opposed to through an agent.This removes the additional costs for commissions, and also allows them to easily integrate reward systems for customers into their programmes (C hakravarthi & Gopel, 2012). The influence of airlines will be discussed further later in this piece. It was found that in the year of 2008, 80% of travel agents from the United States reported a decline in annual revenues compared with the previous year (Hayhurst, 2009). For this reason, the modern travel industry must adapt their approach in business to have a business model more service- orientated, rather than the product- orientated approach they had traditionally (Richard & Zhang, 2012).For a travel agent, it appears that their ability to be active on their career path has a major influence towards their ability to remain sustainable during difficult economic periods (Hayhurst, 2009). 3 The changing ways of the new zealand travel agency â€Å"The tendency we all had last year was to pull in the wagons and conserve cash, but it turns out that for travel agents, moving forward aggressively helped them through a tough period. † (Weissman, 2009. Cited in Hayhurst, 2009) It i s even felt by some that these sorts of occupations could be facing â€Å"extinction† by as soon as 2017 because of technological advances (Eriksen, 2012).This threat is made even more likely as a generation who are more accustomed to the internet and technology in general begin making large purchases. Studies show that young people (aged 15 to 30) are significantly more likely to order flights online, as they are more trusting of modern technologies than their predecessors (Pearce, Read & Schoot, 2009). As consumers as a whole look towards the internet progressively more for sources similar to those on offer from travel agents, such an occupation will become obsolete (Eriksen, 2012).Contrary to these findings and theories made, Pearce et. al. (2009) obtained results suggesting there is still significant demand for the services of travel agents. Of a sample of 547 outward bound New Zealand tourists, more than 50% used a travel agent to book their transport to the chosen desti nation. Of note for travel agencies from these statistics is the proportion of tourists using packaged holidays that used their services to book different aspects of their holiday. An example of one of these percentages is the 82. % of people who bought package holidays purchasing their trip through a travel agent or travel management company (Pearce et. al. 2009). With those booking their travel plans with a package of some form representing almost one in three of the sample travellers, it appears that there may be sufficient demand within the travel industry for travel agencies. Various studies carried out on consumers in the Asia- Pacific region suggest that the internet is used by consumers only as a search engine (Castillo- Manzano & Lopez- Valpuesta, 2010).Castillo- Manzano’s & Lopez- Valpuesta’s (2010) piece goes on to claim that the security that booking major expenses such as flights and accommodation through a travel agent makes it more attractive than online booking. Another study found similar results which showed that cheaper and less important aspects of travel arrangements such as rental cars are more likely to be made online (Cheyne, Downes & Legg, 2006). Supporting this is the belief of Mike van Beezhuizen, 4 The changing ways of the new zealand travel agency a travel agent working for Auckland Flight Centre.He felt his job is relatively secure, as people â€Å"enjoy the face-to-face experience of customer service† (Eriksen, 2012). The competition present between existing competitors in the travel industry is very high and therefore very competitive. Well- known travel agencies such as House of Travel and Expedia are already established and each account for market shares over 10% within the online travel agency websites (Tnooz, 2012). In addition to these, there are also various smaller businesses representing smaller percentages (Tnooz, 2012), adding to the cut – throat nature of the industry.The technological prog ressions which are so prevalent in this industry have also disadvantaged local travel agencies by introducing new competitors into what was already a highly competitive market. This occurred through airlines recognising an opportunity in the market place which the development of the internet has presented (Castillo- Manzano & Lopez- Valpuesta, 2010). Websites such as Air New Zealand have placed great emphasis on extending websites to increase business opportunities and be able to serve customers from their own websites (Castillo- Manzano & Lopez- Valpuesta, 2010, Medcalfe, 2005).By doing this, airlines were able to decrease their costs, which then enabled them to lower their fares. To compete even more, airlines also began to offer complimentary services such as vehicle rentals with their flights (Castillo- Manzano & Lopez- Valpuesta, 2010), further increasing the similarities between the modern airline and travel agency. Customer loyalty plays a massive role in the make- up of dema nd in the travel industry. With the new customer- orientated approach to business, it is clear that customer satisfaction is almost becoming priority (Richard & Zhang, 2012).By satisfying customers, travel agencies hope to build relationships and protect their existing customer base. Cameron Wilson, says that the ability of a travel agent to build relationships with their clients was crucial in having a successful career (When Cameron Wilson travels, 2012). As these relationships build, loyal customers tend to show decreased price sensitivity, with a switch to a rival supplier due to price becoming less likely (Richard & Zhang, 2012) . The importance of corporate image cannot also not be stressed enough in this industry. Studies 5The changing ways of the new zealand travel agency showed that this can affect the value that they in their own mind feel they are receiving (Richard& Zhang, 2012). This report was prepared to present the most significant aspects of the environment for trav el agency businesses. The internet has very much forced travel agencies to rethink their business structures, with successful ones adjusting to their market place. It was found t hat package holidays and clients in older age brackets were those who were most likely to request the use of a travel agents services.There are already a number of well- established travel agencies in this industry, with the likes of airlines also providing competition. Building customer relationships by satisfying their expectations has been allocated the utmost importance for prospective agents, as maintaining a solid customer base is considered crucial. There are many aspects of the travel industry within New Zealand which must be carefully analysed and considered before entering the industry as current circumstances have made this very complex. Word Count: 1541 Please see the assignment instructions.You must take a word count of your assignment and insert it in the box above. Note that the word limit fo r this assignment does not include any of the words in your reference list or in your addendum of Research Annotations. 6 The changing ways of the new zealand travel agency References Castillo-Manzano J. I. and Lopez-Valpuesta L (2010, September). The decline of the traditional travel agent model. Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review. Chakravarthi, J. K. and Gopal, V. (2012). Comparison of Traditional and Online Travel Services: A Concept NoteCheyne, J, Downes, M, Legg, S. (2006, January). Travel agent vs internet: What influences travel consumer choices? Journal of Vacation Marketing 12. 1: 41-57 Eriksen, A (2012, August 13). Jobs dry up for travel agents and IT workers. The New Zealand Herald. Retrieved from www. nzherald. co. nz Hayhurst, L (2009, November). Positive thinking is key. Travel Trade Gazette UK & Ireland, (2889), 18. Medcalfe, G (2005). Bums on seats. NZ Marketing Magazine Vol. 24 Issue 2, p14-1. Retrieved from Business Source Premier d atabase. Pearce, D. G. , Reid, L. , & Schott, C. 2009). Travel Arrangements and the Distribution Behaviour of New Zealand Outbound Travelers. Journal Of Travel & Tourism Marketing. Richard, J. , and Zhang, A. , (2012). Corporate image, loyalty, and commitment in the consumer travel industry. Journal of Marketing Management, Vol. 28, Iss. 5-6 Tnooz (2012, August). House of Travel overtakes Expedia for gold medal – Top New Zealand travel websites, July 2012. Retrieved from http://www. tnooz. com/2012/08/09/data/house-of-travel-overtakes-expedia-for-gold-medaltop-new-zealand-travel-websites-july-2012/When Cameron Wilson travels across Queensland in his (2012, August 9). Queensland Country Life. p. 38. Retrieved from Business Source Premier database. 7 The changing ways of the new zealand travel agency Research Annotation 1 – A source that you cited in your report Reference Castillo-Manzano J. I. and Lopez-Valpuesta L (2010, September). The decline of the traditional trave l agent model. Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review. Search Strategy Searched â€Å"Travel Agencies† in Business Source Premier on 9 August 2012 AnnotationThis article discusses the requirement of travel agencies to adjust to improving levels of technology and examines the differences between the modern travel agency and the traditional model. It also shows the results of investigations with regards to consumers behaviour. I used this resource as it effectively encapsulates the core focus I planned to have for my report. Studies were used as evidence so conclusions could be made for the behaviours of travel consumers. For this reason, I felt comfortable as using this resource as somewhat of a platform for my statements on the subject of consumer behaviour, for example.Research Annotation 2 – A source that you cited in your report Reference Richard, J. , and Zhang, A. , (2012). Corporate image, loyalty, and commitment in the consumer trave l industry. Journal of Marketing Management, Vol. 28, Iss. 5-6 Search Strategy Searched ‘travel agency’ and ‘customers’ in Business Source Premier Annotation This article details the importance of customer loyalty, corporate image and satisfaction, and shows their impacts on the success of a business as a whole. It shows the importance of each of these aspects in generating and maintaining a strong customer base.This piece was my main source for the section of my discussion relating to the customers themselves, and their satisfaction. It was of great use to me as it drew useful conclusions from investigations and thoroughly explained each of the essays topics i. e. customer loyalty, corporate image etc 8 The changing ways of the new zealand travel agency Research Annotation 3 – An academic source that you did not use or cite in your report Reference Vinod, B. (2011). The future of online travel. Journal Of Revenue & Pricing Management, 10(1), 56-61. doi:10. 1057/rpm. 2010. 41 Search StrategySearched ‘travel agents’ in Business Source Premier, with result limited to Academic articles Annotation This piece could be a useful additional reading. It provides support for the section of my report based on competition existing in the industry. It focuses on different aspects of the internet such as social networking sites, and websites that have reviews from travellers. It therefore gives a somewhat different light in which to view the current market situation. It could also be of use to read as it discusses the importance of using websites effectively by making them as user- friendly as possible.

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The Catcher in the Rye Questions for Study and Discussion

J.D. Salingers The Catcher in the Rye  is one of the most frequently studied books in American literature. The novels protagonist, Holden Caulfield, distrusts adults and resents the seeming falseness of life, which he refers to as phony. He also struggles with the loss of innocence and grapples with the tension between seeking the comforts of childhood and wanting to grow up. The Catcher in the Rye is a polarizing book. (In fact, its been the target of numerous book banning efforts—some of which were successful.) At the same time, however, many readers find Holdens outlook and experiences relatable. These tensions make The Catcher in the Rye one of the best books to discuss with others. The following questions for study and discussion will help you deepen your understanding of the classic novel. Questions for Study and Discussion Where in the novel is the title mentioned, and why is it important? What is the titles overall meaning?What other work(s) in literary history influenced the title?What are the conflicts in The Catcher in the Rye? What types of conflict (physical, moral, intellectual, or emotional) are in this novel?How does J.D. Salinger reveal character in the novel?What are some themes and symbols in the novel? How do they relate to the plot and characters?Is Holden consistent in his actions? Is he a fully developed character? How and why?How does Holden relate to his little sister? Why (and how) does his relationship with her affect his decisions, his philosophy of life, and his actions?Do you find the characters likable? Would you want to meet the characters?Does the novel end the way you expected? How? Why?What is the central/primary purpose of the novel? Is the purpose important or meaningful?How does this novel relate to other coming-of-age novels? How does the novel compare with Adventures of Huckleberry Finn?How essential is the setting to the story? Could the story have taken place anywhere else? In any other time?What is the role of women in the text? Is love relevant? Are relationships meaningful?Why is the novel controversial? Why has it been banned? Do you think the reasons for banning are still relevant?How does the novel relate to current society? Is the novel still relevant?Would you recommend this novel to a friend? Why or why not?

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Customer Service The Key to a Prosperous Business

When it comes to providing customer service, customers want quality, assurance and their demands met. Companies have a commitment to give good customer service. GE (General Electric) is ranked one of best companies that provide excellent customer service. Their commitment, training and quality to the customers for decades is how they gotten to the top. Meanwhile, AOL is ranked as one of the worst companies that provide poor customer service. There rude deposition, unethical guidelines and disgraceful quality is why they are going out of business. GE’s motto, â€Å"We bring good things to life† is definitely working for this company by gaining new customers, keeping old customers and increasing profits. Their great customer service†¦show more content†¦These key elements and putting customers first is why GE is the best company for providing customer service. This has not been AOL’s strategy or how they give customer service. AOL, American Online, one of the worst companies for customer service, has not followed in the footsteps of many by having key elements of quality for their consumers. In the past, this company was on top with â€Å"over 30 million customers† from their dial up services with the internet (Karen Aho, 1). During the past years they have seen a dramatic decrease in profits and a drop of â€Å"9.3 million paying customers†Ã¢â‚¬â€a huge decrease (Aho, 1). Why the downfall of a profitable and every growing company? The answer is simple. Due to the recession, AOL started to cut costs in the wrong areas—one of them customer service. The main goal by AOL was to â€Å"maximize the shareholders profit and leave the customers last† (RPA, 1). Their training was far from the Six Sigma management training process and a good way to describe it was poor and inexcusable. At AOL, they have poor call centers, where there is a long automated voice system before you reach a human. The employees are coached to hang up on customers that are irate. The customer service representatives also ask the consumers not to tape their conservations or they will hang up on them if they don’tShow MoreRelatedGeographic Trade Are The Location Of Our Business Essay1254 Words   |  6 PagesGeographic trade area The location of our business is in the city of Morgantown, WV. This city has emerged into a diversified business center with research and high tech industries and a strong employment base. The downtown area is interesting, well preserved and with cultural amenities. Morgantown is located at the intersection of interstate 79 and interstate 68, giving visitors and businesses easy access the city. ïÆ'Ëœ Size of our market in terms of potential customers (is it growing, stable, or decliningRead MoreSwot Analysis for Gas Station742 Words   |  3 PagesAnalysis depicts our key strengths and weaknesses for our new project. It will describe the opportunities and threats that our potential full service gas station will possibly face. External Opportunities and Threats In this portion of our analysis, we will use our opportunities to overcome our threats. Of course, every business will have threats that they will need to prevail over. This is why we strongly believe that our marketing plan will certainly be prosperous. We will first lookRead MoreMarketing Analysis : Sales Promotions951 Words   |  4 Pagesa specific company, markets must come up with a successful sales force structure that will allowing their business to maintain long-term relationships with customers as well as increase their sales to different companies to attract more customers. There are many different types of companies that are working to expand their sales and reach a larger amount of customers every day in the business world. Therefore, these companies must come up with an effective sales force structure as well as an effectiveRead MoreTesco1411 Words   |  6 Pagesdescribe the contribution of the key business functions to the changes implemented in the organization. ( Finance, Marketing, Operations, and Human Resources). Also, it will explain the key stakeholders of the organization and the key issues in managing stakeholders. Furthermore, it will include a SWOT analysis and a Power and Interest Matrix about Tesco. Business functions In the case study of Tesco, it is stated that they will appoint more staff to win their customers back. This step is related toRead Morep2 describe the different stakeholders who influence the purpose of two contrasting businesses1028 Words   |  5 Pagesis anyone with an interest in a business. Stakeholders are individuals, groups or organisations that are affected by the activity of the business. There are two different types of stakeholders; internal and external. Internal stakeholders are groups within the business e.g owner/workers and employees. External stakeholders are local and national communities and governments, these are groups outside of the business. The key stakeholders in a business include customers, suppliers, employees, local andRead MoreDesigning Plans For Current And Future Business930 Words   |  4 Pagesconstructing plans for current and future business approaches, one vital consideration for the company is identifying its key success factors, or KSFs. KSFs are the factors that determine a company’s ability to compete successfully in an industry. The specific KSFs for any given company are unique, but by using whichever metrics have been uniquely decided upon and focusing efforts on evaluating and maximizing performance based on these KSFs, entrepreneurs and business owners are often able to establishRead MoreSignificance Of Marketing At The 21st Century Essay1476 Words   |  6 Pages(Constantinides, 2006). Therefore, the goods together with services tend to be delivered in accordance with the needs as well as wants of the consumers. The significance of marketing management in the organizations of the 21st ce ntury is identifying together with measuring the needs together with wants of the consumers. The importance of marketing to a firm’s success in the 21st century is vital. For any business to remain successful in any single business environment, the organization must market their brandRead MoreDescription Of The Company : Do It Yourself ( Diy )1058 Words   |  5 Pagescustomizing gifts that are created by our business and in the development of our customers liking. All products will be hand-made. It ranges from middle to upper class and prosperous clientele. Furthermore, Our company image illustrates what customers are seeking as simple and elegant gifts to their taste. Moreover, our company is a partnership business, where 5 entrepreneurs will be investing in the production including me. The capital that we have invested into the business is  £85,000. We have entrepreneursRead MoreSample Resume : New Kras, Kpis And Targets1144 Words   |  5 Pages†¢ New KRAs, KPIs and targets Key Result Area Key Performance Indicator Target Unit Cost †¢ Cost per placement †¢ Cost per payroll †¢ Cost per candidate registration Reduce costing by 20% in 2018 Profitability †¢ Profit per client †¢ Profit per service Improve gross profits rates by 30% in 2018 Temporary Recruitment †¢ Number temps per †¢ consultant †¢ Time to placement †¢ Average contract duration †¢ Candidate utilisation †¢ Fill rate Reduce staff turnover rate by 20% by 2018 Permanent Recruitment †¢ TimeRead MoreInternational Marketing Ethics1170 Words   |  5 PagesINTERNATIONAL MARKETING ETHICS International Marketing Ethics Abstract Businesses face various ethical challenges when conducting business. These ethical challenges are also present when conducting business aboard. Companies must be aware of ethical standards and acceptable behavior. This awareness means that marketers must recognize the viewpoints of three key players: the company, the industry, and society. Since these three groups almost always have different needs and wants, ethical conflicts

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An Analysis of Letter from a Birmingham Jail Essay

Letter from a Birmingham Jail was written by Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. in April of 1963, as he sat, as the title states, in a Birmingham, Alabama jail. King had been jailed for his participation in a peaceful protest of segregation in public places such as lunch counters and public restrooms (Berkley, 2003). While jailed, King read a criticism of the protest by a group of white ministers, who felt such demonstrations â€Å"directed and in part led by outsiders† were â€Å"unwise and untimely†, suggesting that blacks should wait for the court system to work. (Statement by Alabama clergymen, 1963). Dr. King’s letter was written as a response to the criticism (King, 1963). The following pages will analyze Letter from a†¦show more content†¦#Particularly poignant are his comments concerning children, where he says ##†¦when you suddenly find your tongue twisted and your speech stammering as you seek to explain to your six-year-old daughter why she cant go to the public amusement park that has just been advertised on television, and see tears welling up in her eyes when she is told that Funtown is closed to colored children, and see ominous clouds of inferiority beginning to form in her little mental sky, and see her beginning to distort her personality by developing an unconscious bitterness toward white people; (King, 1963). ## Considering Dr. King is writing to clergymen, his emotional appeal may not have only been to elicit sympathy or empathy from his detractors, but cause some shame as well, when he expresses his disappointment with them. He indicates that because of their religious beliefs, they should be taking a proactive stance on the side of justice, rather than supporting the status quo because it is orderly (King, 1963). â€Å"Logical arguments consist of a set of premises or statements of evidence that lead to conclusions† (Kies, 1995). Dr King appeals to logic and reasonShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Letter From Birmingham Jail1074 Words   |  5 PagesAn Analysis of Letter from Birmingham Jail Martin Luther King Jr. In 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. was serving a prison sentence in a jail in Birmingham, Alabama for nonviolently protesting through sit ins and marches.. It was during this time that King, outraged by the criticism of his methods of nonviolent direct action, wrote one of the most thoughtful arguments for civil disobedience and direct action against unjust and immoral laws. King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail was a poignant rebuttalRead MoreRhetorical Analysis Of Letter From Birmingham Jail1052 Words   |  5 Pagesdiscrimination is? A Rhetorical Analysis of Letter From Birmingham Jail It is known to all that Martin Luther King is a famous person in America, who strongly goes against the racial discrimination all the time. Here, in this letter, Letter from Birmingham Jail, it is easy for us to realize that racial discrimination appears and the non-violence action is still serious at that time. As a matter of fact, this letter is coming from the people in the Birmingham jail, stating their inner thoughts aboutRead MoreRhetorical Analysis Letter from Birmingham Jail1517 Words   |  7 PagesPonder Eng291-001 13 September 2013 Rhetorical Analysis Rhetorical Analysis of â€Å"Letter from Birmingham Jail† â€Å"Letter from Birmingham Jail,† by Martin Luther King, Jr., is a letter in which King is writing to his â€Å"fellow clergymen† in a response to their recent criticism of the actions he was leading in Birmingham at the time. The letter was written in April of 1963, a time when segregation was essentially at a peak in the south. Birmingham, in particular, is described by King as â€Å"probablyRead MoreAnalysis of Letter From Birmingham Jail773 Words   |  4 Pagesfulfill our inherent duty to our nation by correcting the error that â€Å"we† have made. Through the pronoun â€Å"we†, king evokes a sense of urgency and duty-bound obligation as a concerned patriot to make a change. The question â€Å"What can be done?† arises from King’s freshly tilled ground of emotion, as he sows the seeds of solution in the now fertile soil of his audiences mind. To further nourish the new sprouts of persuasion, King makes a second and even more potent appeal by the mention ofRead MoreAnalysis Of Letter From Birmingham Jail1542 Words   |  7 Pagesto defend yourself? In â€Å"Letter From Birmingham Jail,† Martin Luther King, Jr. addresses fellow ministers’ criticisms on his movement by eloquently expressing his views on the fight to end segregation in an incredibly organized manner. He calmly and directly shoots back a compelling argument to those who question his authority to lead protests on the subject. Overall, King uses examples and accurate representations of history to show the need for change. MLK Jr.’s letter embodies the rightful cryRead MoreLetter From Birmingham Jail Analysis1172 Words   |  5 Pageswrote too. This is displayed in professional fashion in the Letter From Birmingham Jail. Martin displayed a circus of statements in response to the Clergymen in the Letter From Birmingham Jail. H e did this by analyzing their statements and responding with his own in an argumentative manner. He demonstrated this through persuasive statements, answering quotes from the community, and used a past leader as an example. Through this letter, Martin proved he could hold his ground in the line of fireRead MoreCritical Analysis: Letter from Birmingham Jail1191 Words   |  5 PagesCritical Analysis Essay â€Å"Letter from Birmingham Jail† In arguing, writers use different techniques to effectively convey their message to their intended audience. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.s Letter from Birmingham Jail was a response to A Call for Unity by eight white clergymen in which King’s presence in Birmingham and his methods of public demonstration were questioned. King’s letter was not only a response to his presence in Birmingham, but he also used the opportunity to address theRead MoreLetter from a Birmingham Jail Analysis1025 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"A Letter from Birmingham Jail† by Martin Luther King Jr. was written in the margins of a letter posted by the clergymen of Alabama at this time that sparked his interest and while he inhabited the jail cell for parading around without a permit. This time allowed him the ability to respond wholeheartedly to this cynical oppressing. King’s letter addresses specific points presented in the Clergymen’s and this direct response distinguishes Kingà ¢â‚¬â„¢s strong points through his powerful writing.   UnethicalRead MoreAnalysis Of Letter From Birmingham Jail1197 Words   |  5 PagesDr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s â€Å"A Letter From Birmingham Jail,† depicts the fight for equality by African Americans during the civil rights movement. In this letter, King uses tone, rhetorical questions, and allusions to discuss the racial segregation sweeping the nation. King’s letter is a response to â€Å"A Call For Unity,† a condemning message written by eight white clergymen who frowned upon the peaceful protests conducted by many African Americans. Although Dr. King is presently seen as an AmericanRead MoreLetter From Birmingham Jail Analysis1617 Words   |  7 Pagespeaceful protests in Birmingham, Alabama, he was jailed on accounts of â€Å"parading without a permit† (King 3). While in jail, Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote a response to â€Å"A Call For Unity,† written by eight white clergyme n of Birmingham, regarding King’s actions as â€Å"unwise and untimely† (King 1). This famous response soon came to be known as â€Å"Letter From Birmingham Jail,† and is currently regarded as one of the best pieces of rhetoric ever written. Dr. King’s â€Å"Letter From Birmingham Jail† is thoroughly